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A Word from Mayor Riney

Larry Riney is the current mayor of Perryville, Missouri and a pillar of the community. He has been an elected official in town since 2013, and was elected as mayor in 2022. He is focused on improving education outreach to local children and creating more job opportunities for families. Larry puts great store into giving back to his hometown: he volunteers at local civic organizations, works with small businesses to make sure they keep their doors open during difficult economic times, and is an active advocate for those most in need. Thanks in part to his tireless efforts, Perryville has maintained its reputation as a welcoming place for all who choose to call it home. 

“The City of Perryville is very appreciative of the outstanding businesses and industries that create our jobs and provide economic opportunities for the city's residents. ”

– Larry Riney, Perryville MO Mayor
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