Competitive Advantage

Our community has been very fortunate with the recent announcements of new jobs for our community. This did not occur by chance, but because we prepared. It happened with cooperation of the City of Perryville, Perry County, the Economic Development Authority and the Perryville Development Corporation. They laid the groundwork for the growth of our community that we are blessed with today.

The citizens of Perry County have clearly demonstrated the progressive thinking required to move the community forward and provide the advantages we have today. The local movers and shakers put forth the effort and gave their time and money to make things happen that got us to where we are today.

Progressive Thinking
  • Many years ago a group of local citizens donated their own money and formed the Perryville Development Corporation (PDC) to promote industrial growth. They purchased the land for the industrial park and paid for the cost of attracting industry to the community so that today we have the lowest unemployment rate in Southeast Missouri.
  • The owners of the PDC later gave up any right to personal gain by converting the PDC to a not-for-profit corporation and left the gains realized from wise investments of the money in the new organization. How many times will you see that happen in a community?
  • The Perry Park Center is something that is no less than a remarkable accomplishment for a community our size. A group of business people, from outside our community asks how we were able to build such a facility in Perry County. When it was explained that the county and the city leadership worked together to promote this project their comment was “That would never happen in the city/county were we live”.
What We Have
  • A solid economic base that we can build on
  • Citizens with a strong work ethic and willingness to support the community
  • A beautiful place to live and raise a family
  • Higher education opportunities to train local citizens
  • Easy access to larger communities north and south on Interstate 55
  • Easy access to Illinois via a bridge over the Mississippi